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Vinyl To Digital Ripping & Restoration

Vinyl To Digital Ripping & Restoration

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PLEASE NOTE. All the above prices are on a per-track basis and NOT per record. So a 4 track EP will obviously count as 4 etc... 


So you want to have all your favourite records ripped to digital. You have tried ripping them yourself but the results weren't what you had hoped right? And it's pretty time consuming as well? Why not try our vinyl to digital ripping service? Our in-house audio engineer has been converting vinyl to digital for over 20 years now and has become something of an expert at it. Using only high-end professional audio equipment ensures your digital files will be of the highest possible quality.


This is basically the straight recording from your record into my computer and nothing else. If you choose this option then you will receive 1 x 24bit wav for each track. 


If you choose "Rip & Quick Master" then you will receive 1 x 24bit wav (for the raw file) and a 16bit wav (for the mastered version). Please be aware this is only a quick master designed to eliminate the low-end rumble that you get from the vinyl and to get them a bit louder. This involves some subtle EQ and soft-limiting. Not to be confused with the professional digital mastering service we offer.


So your a DJ and you play digital music? The music is really tight and never drifts out of time right? (even without the sync button on). Well your vinyl rips are not going to be like that. They will have a bit of analogue drift... meaning they will not stay in time like a digital track does. We can fix that by beat-gridding the track so it stays tight to the metronome. 


This is aimed at music collectors and DJ's that have some records they want digitised but are not worried about some slight crackles and surface noise. We will do a quick de-crackle, especially focussing on the intro and quiet sections of the tune. This involves a full sweep of the track eliminating the majority of pops and crackles . This is of course dependant on the quality of the vinyl. If the record is VG+ and has hardly any pops and crackles then you may be pleasantly surprised at the result. This will definitely improve the quality of the audio, but they will not be perfect. If you want your audio to be perfect and totally free of any clicks and surface noise then you would be better off with.... 


This is the pro version of the quick de-crackle. This is where we take the vinyl rip and perform a DEEP clean on it, going through in a much more detailed manner eliminating as many of the pops, crackles and other noise as we possibly can and making it ready to be cut to vinyl again. There can sometimes be instances of crackle and distortion that are impossible to remove but this is relatively uncommon. 

PLEASE NOTE. Cleaning of the record prior to ripping is included for free with "Quick De-Crackle" and "Pro Vinyl Restoration.


Yes you can. We highly recommend letting us do the recording for you as we have  the equipment required to do a professional job and remember, the better the recording the better the final result. But if you are not comfortable with sending your records through the post and would prefer to record them yourself thats fine, but please see our vinyl ripping guide at the bottom of the page. 


The condition of the vinyl will ultimately have a big impact on the final result. If your record is really crackley and has a lot of surface noise then we would recommend trying to source a better copy on discogs (this is something else we can do for you). If your record is really crackly and we are unable to source a better copy then we will still attempt to clean it but it may incur some extra charges.


This part of the service is outsourced to a professional mastering engineer . You can find out more about this service here


The shipping price is for the shipping of your vinyl back to you after we have digitised it. To get your vinyl to us you can either send it yourself by royal mail or another courier. We recommend Royal Mail's Special Delivery service as we have found this to be the most reliable service and includes insurance up to £500. Alternatively we can arrange collection from your address or from one of your local UPS access points. Once you have completed your order one of our team will contact you to arrange collection.

We will always ship your records back to you by special delivery. They will be packaged safely and securely in a record mailer with at least 2 cardboard stiffeners, 1 on each side on the record. We highly recommend that you use this same method when shipping the records to us. If you do not have a mailer and stiffeners, thats not a problem. Just let us know and we will send you some.

If you have a large quantity of records to digitise then maybe we can do you a better price. Please email us here for a quote, stating how many TRACKS you wish to have ripped and be sure to leave your phone number as one of our friendly customer support team may call you back.

PLEASE NOTE. All the above prices are on a per-track basis and NOT per record. So a 4 track EP will obviously count as 4 etc... 


As we have already mentioned above that for best results you should let us record the records on our professional set-up. But if you are recording them yourself here is a little guide for you.

  • Record must be cleaned prior to recording. For best results use an ultrasonic record cleaner or a suction based cleaner designed to suck microscopic dust particles out of the grooves. Rubbing the record with a cloth and some record cleaning fluid will not do the job properly.

  • You must use a DIRECT DRIVE turntable and NOT a belt drive one. This is particularly important if you are planning on using the Beat Gridding service. 

  • If you have a DJ Setup then we recommend bi-passing your DJ mixer and going straight from the turntable into an amp or audio interface. Most DJ mixers tend to add a bit of noise to the signal.

  • If your turntable has a pitch control make sure it is in the middle or the quartz lock is on.

  • Record the whole of the record (or the track you want). This includes the lead-in or intro. You know, that bit at the beginning of the record before the music actually starts where you can hear the crackles and surface noise on there own. We need this!
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