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So just wanted to give all you vinyl repress loving maniacs a little update with regard to the forthcoming release on Warehouse Wax...

The hugely anticipated DSKF, New Science EP.

All I can really say is it shouldn't be too long now. We all know of the problems and delays with pressing plants but i have actually been told that... HOPEFULLY... We could have them by this time next week. 

But please don't get your hopes up tooooo much. Just in case. Took 9 months for the Men From Del Bosca to arrive... This has been 6 months so far.

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Top stuff from djvinyljunkie as always! One of the best seller's on Discogs. Record arrived quickly & communication was excellent. Record & sleeve were exactly as described NM-. It's an absolute pleasure to do business with djvinyljunkie. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Very professional seller, serious and attentive, very familiar! I am very happy to buy here, I wish they were all the same Thanks a lot!


One of the top sellers on Discogs. Very highly recommended. Proper in every way.


Great items. Didn't have record in stock so sourced one for me and threw in a freebie for good measure. Good Comms and fast delivery. Perfect seller. Thank you 😊


Received vinyls ultra fast, well packaged. In condition stated, looked & sounded great, very happy. Top sellers, have some rare old skool gems, reasonably priced too. 😃