About Us...

We welcome you to Vinyl Junkie UK where you can feel the pulse of the latest beats and basslines, whether on vinyl or cutting-edge digital release from our renowned in-house labels, Ghetto Dub and Warehouse Wax. Take a dive into the world of Vinyl Junkie, where you can not only buy all the latest jungle / hardcore bangers on vinyl...   But you can also listen to the latest podcast and read the latest interviews and even explore our top-notch mixing and audio services... but first and foremost... Its all about the vinyl 

At Vinyl Junkie UK, we take pride in being a growing musical hub curated by DJs for DJs. Our catalogue originates from esteemed labels, ensuring access to cutting-edge releases alongside cherished classics. We aim to offer an inclusive selection, catering to the diverse tastes of our community. Emphasizing quality over quantity, our curated assortment reflects the discerning taste of Vinyl Junkie himself. We're dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience, where music enthusiasts can explore, discover, and connect with the vibrant world of Jungle, Hardcore, and Oldskool vinyl.

Our story

John “Vinyl Junkie” - Woods has been a name on the Bristol DJ circuit for over 30 years. Starting out in the free party scene, it wasn't long before he found himself playing the mainstage at one of rave history's most iconic events: Tribal Gathering. In the years that followed, John has touched almost every part of the industry from promotion, production, running record labels and performing across a range of genres.

With a passion for music coursing through his veins, John has been on a lifelong quest to share his love for music with the world. He made his name in the early days of rave music and hardcore, laying the foundation for a thriving career that has spanned decades. His dedication to the craft led him to complete a First Class Honours degree in Creative Music Production & Technology at Greenwich University, further honing his expertise.

With two record labels, a slew of his own releases and a regular show on Eruption Radio, John’s connection to the rave scene remains unbroken since he first fell into it in Ibiza in 1989. His journey through the evolution of electronic music has led him to create not only an online record shop but a sonic sanctuary where music aficionados unite. You can read more about John and his story HERE

Today, Vinyl Junkie UK brings all of that love for the music together in one place.

What next?

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We also offer a suite of audio services such as vinyl digitization, audio mastering (DJ sets or individual tracks) and stem mixdowns.

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