EPISODE 3 - Vinyl Junkie - The Eruption Radio Podcast - 1st August 2021

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EPISODE 3 - Vinyl Junkie - The Eruption Radio Podcast - 1st August 2021

The main focus of this show is to showcase NEW MUSIC coming out NOW... That gives a nod to the golden age of hardcore / rave / jungle...

1991 - 1995 kinda vibes!!! BUT....ย I still play a bit of more upfront Jungle / D&B for the last 30 minutes or so... Cos thats how i roll.... ๐Ÿ”ฅย ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ”ฅ


If the vinyl is still available link will go there, if not it will go to digital download.ย If there is no link then its no longer available to buy either on vinyl or digital (or its a dub). If the tune is not out yet the link will go to where it will be on release!

  1. Vinyl Junkie โ€“ Fireburn Intro
  2. Crashead โ€“ Fanatikal โ€“ Amen Brother
  3. The Men From Del Bosca โ€“ El-Bland-E โ€“ Warehouse Wax -ย COMING SOON
  4. Brute Force โ€“ Secrets โ€“ Parallax
  5. Pete Cannon - Dream Again โ€“ Parallax
  6. Tim Reaper โ€“ Pianism 2021 โ€“ Blue Skin Badger
  7. Reece Project โ€“ Spirit Come Down โ€“ Liquid Wax
  8. DJ Phantasy โ€“ Jonny The Fox โ€“ Liquid Wax
  9. New Decade โ€“ Extreme Levels โ€“ Out Of Romford - COMING SOON
  10. Worldwide Epidemic โ€“ Face Melt โ€“ Parallax
  11. Newkiller โ€“ The Dark โ€“ Time Tunnel
  12. Andy C โ€“ Slip โ€˜N Slide โ€“ Ram Reloaded
  13. Sikka โ€“ The Grip โ€“ Warehouse Wax -ย COMING SOON
  14. Origin Unknown โ€“ The Touch (Remix) โ€“ Ram Reloaded
  15. Tim Reaper & Kloke โ€“ Ocean Currents โ€“ย Tempo Records
  16. Coco Bryce โ€“ Pirates Of The Pancreas โ€“ Parallax
  17. Origin Unknown โ€“ Valley Of The Shadows (Remix) โ€“ Ram Reloaded
  18. Andy C โ€“ Bass Constructor (Sonz Of A Loop Da loop Era Remix) โ€“ Ram Reloaded
  19. Phuture Assassins โ€“ Future Sound (Dead Dred 95 Dubplate Mix) โ€“ Suburban Base
  20. Infest โ€“ Launch Step โ€“ Skeleton
  21. DJ Harmony โ€“ Moonshine โ€“ Deep Jungle
  22. Vinyl Junkie & SR โ€“ Feel So Good โ€“ UNSIGNED DUB
  23. Hornchurch Hardcore โ€“ Labyrinth โ€“ Parallax
  24. Scattyone โ€“ Selecta โ€“ Warehouse Wax -ย COMING SOON
  25. Newkiller โ€“ U92 (Stripped to the Core) โ€“ Time Tunnel
  26. Mad Vibes โ€“ How Much Can You Take โ€“ Warehouse Wax -ย COMING SOON
  27. Vinyl Junkie โ€“ Almighty โ€“ Warehouse Wax -ย COMING SOON
  28. Aries & David Boomah โ€“ Aint No Sunshine โ€“ Born On Road DUB
  29. Margaman โ€“ Deep In The Jungle โ€“ Liondub
  30. Wax Doctor โ€“ A New Direction (DJ Dubplate Bootleg) โ€“ Soundcloud Freebie
  31. Dubtime โ€“ Infiltrate 2018 (Bootleg) โ€“ DUB
  32. Aries โ€“ The Melody โ€“ DUB
  33. Randall, Goldie & Dego โ€“ The R (Jay Jay & Mark C Remix) โ€“ Stepback Sessions
  34. Lost City & Spyda โ€“ Canโ€™t Get Enough (JNGL Mix) โ€“ Liondub
  35. Aries & Jinx. Ft Daddy Freddy โ€“ Who Said (Gella Remix) โ€“ Born On Road
  36. Alibi ft. Cleveland Watkiss & MC Fats โ€“ Big Man Jungle โ€“ V Recordings