Collection: SERVICES

Explore Our Expert Audio Services - Vinyl Ripping, Vinyl Restoration, Mixdowns, Mastering, and More. Discover a range of top-notch audio services meticulously designed to elevate your music in more ways than one. Our professional offerings include:

  1. Vinyl Ripping to Digital: Preserve your vinyl treasures in pristine digital quality. Our meticulous process captures the essence of your records while ensuring the highest fidelity.

  2. Vinyl Restoration and Cleanup: Unearth the true beauty of your vinyl collection. Our expert restoration services can eliminate Rumble, Hiss, Hum, pops and crackles, rejuvenating your classics for an impeccable listening experience.

  3. DJ Mix Mastering: Elevate your DJ mixes to professional standards. We'll fine-tune your mixes, enhancing clarity, balance, and impact to make them shine in any setting.

  4. Digital Mastering for Single Tracks: Achieve studio-quality sound for your individual tracks. Our digital mastering service polishes your music, ensuring it stands out with clarity and power.

  5. Stem Mixdown Service: Perfect your mixes with precision. We'll assist you in creating a well-balanced, professional-grade mix by refining individual stem elements.

Trust our expertise to unlock the full potential of your music. Whether you're a vinyl enthusiast, DJ, or producer, our services are tailored to meet your needs. Experience audio excellence with Vinyl Junkie.