Andy Odysee - Ruthless Insidious / Provocateur / Status Anxiety (12")

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  • Artist: Andy Odysee
  • Title: Ruthless Insidious / Provocateur / Status Anxiety
  • Label: Odysee Records
  • Cat Number: ODY012
  • Genre: Jungle
  • Comments: (12")

Over the last 3 years, original 90’s D&B imprint Odysee has been steadily building its profile, both through its ‘Remix/Remaster’ series as well as a growing number of new releases. Label Partner Andy Odysee continues to develop his own unique sound with this third solo E.P. All three tracks work together as a triptych, whilst simultaneously maintaining their own unique identity.

Ruthless (In Purpose): Insidious (In Design) immediately establishes an ominous mood of brooding menace with its creeping bass stabs. As the drums enter, the track builds towards a drop of deep subs and driving breakbeat fury, punctuated by the ripped synth basses and curling drum edits that are fast becoming characteristic of Andy’s productions. There are subtle nods to the later Hokusai releases such as Sculptures Hide and even Black Domina; with eerie chiff-flute phrases, and those signature Mirage-style film-noire and dark avant-garde Jazz sounds nestling amongst the tapestry of beats and basslines.

As a contrast, Provocateur has a sweeter, almost sexier feel. A dreamy oscillating pad soon gives way to razor-sharp curling Jazz breaks and deep subs. The vocals border on the ‘saucy’ with their tantalising suggestions of ‘who thinks the technique is to make love to me’ and ‘the sexiest thing about me is my a**!’ There is a subtle darkness nonetheless to this track, with its plethora of dark film-noire samples. Although the framework of breaks & bass is strident enough for the dance floor, it is also the kind of track that is loaded with all those little production details that will reveal something fresh with each hearing.

The third track Status Anxiety is a frenetic, tense piece of music. Underpinned by a relentless bass synth stab that slips and slides throughout the track, the drum patterns are more elaborate, cutting between several different breaks, with abrupt stops to expose dark string sweeps, hammered Rhodes strikes and shimmering china cymbals. Again there is a subtle reference to the Hokusai releases, but with a fresh twist on that darker Jazz-infused style of Breakbeat D&B.