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Various Artists - Liftin Spirits USB

Various Artists - Liftin Spirits USB

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Featuring the complete 'Liftin Spirit Reloaded' series. Over 80 remastered tracks on an 8GB card USB in a CD sized case. All tracks are in 320kbps MP3 and WAV format. This album includes everything that has been released on vinyl as part of the 'Reloaded' series plus more.

Includes bonus tracks and unreleased music from Ironik and Concept 2. Also includes LS Archives Vol.4 which features an unreleased 3rd mix of Origin Unknown's 'Losing U'.


Double Vision                  What Kind Of World

Double Vision                  Easy Does It

Flatliner                            Just Stop

Flatliner                            Flatline

Ironik                                Believe In

Ironik                                4AM

Desired State                   Planet 13

Desired State                   Antagoniser

Ironik                                The Calling

Ironik                                Believe In (Remix)

Higher Sense                   Natural High

Higher Sense                   Cascade

Folosaphers                     Realization

Folosaphers                     Age Of Insanity

Desired State                   King Nightmare

Desired State                   The Message

Desired State                   Duckin' And Divin'

Desired State                   Asid

Ironik                                Fantasy (Light Mix)

Ironik                                Fantasy (Dark Mix)

Origin Unknown              Voyage To The Future

Origin Unknown              Second Sight

CO                                      Timebomb

CO                                      Timebomb (Fuze Mix)

Liftin' Spirits                     Warp One

Liftin' Spirits                     Lifeform

Faze Lock                          Come Again

Faze Lock                          Feel It

Desired State                   Dance The Dream (Remix)

Desired State                   Free Your Love (VIP)

Desired State                   Expansions

Desired State                   Dance The Dream

Legal Offence                  Burnin'

Legal Offence                  Burning' Up

Desired State                   Terra Incognito

Desired State                   Sub Conscious

Aeon Flux                         Reality

Aeon Flux                         Unconscious Thoughts

Aeon Flux                         Reality (Alternate Reality Mix)

Liftin' Spirits                     Break It Up

Liftin' Spirits                     Giggle 'N' Rush

Liftin' Spirits                     Volume 2 (Mix 1)

Liftin' Spirits                     Blood Moon

Origin Unknown              Eastern Promise (Mix 1)

Origin Unknown              Eastern Promise (Mix 2)

Origin Unknown              Losing U (Mix 1)

Origin Unknown              Losing U (Mix 2)

Higher Sense                   Cold Fresh Air

Higher Sense                   Listen Up

Ironik                                 Feel The Feeling

Ironik                                 Inspiration Station

Shimon                              Flava

Shimon                              First Charge

Release                              The Jungle

Release                              Musical Movements

Release                              The Jungle (Part 2)

Higher Sense                   Cold Fresh Air (New Decade)

Higher Sense                   Cold Fresh Air ('94 VIP)

Desired State                   Expansions (Remix 1)

Desired State                   Expansions (Remix 2)

Desired State                   Turn On

Desired State                   Move Your Body

Red One                           Alive 'N' Kickin

Stakka & K.Tee                Living For The Night

Stakka & K.Tee                Rugged 'N' Raw

Interrogator                    Awareness

Liftin' Spirits                     Cup-a-Cha

Red One                           The Futurist (Ant Miles Remix)

Concept 2                         Soon Come

Stakka & K.Tee                Bad Influence

Rainbow Country            It's U

Desired State                   Highlander

Royal T & DJ XL                Turntable Overload

Royal T & DJ XL                Move In Motion

Red One                           Alive & Kickin (Origin Unknown)

Stakka & K.Tee                Rugged & Raw (Splash Remix)

Origin Unknown              Losing U (Mix 3)

Rainbow Country            Live Together

Liftin' Spirits                     Will I Dream

Liftin' Spirits                     Volume 2 (Mix 2)

Ironik                                 Cybernetic

Concept 2                         Funky Furzday

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