New Decade Vs DJ Ham - Legends Vs Legends Vol. 4 (10")

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  • Artist: New Decade Vs DJ Ham
  • Title: Legends Vs Legends Vol. 4
  • Label: Knite Force
  • Cat Number: KF148
  • Genre: Old Skool / Hardcore
  • Comments: 10"

    New Decade & DJ Ham go head to head for  the fourth of the Legends Vs Legends series. These very limited 10" Legends Vs Legends series aim to pit the finest in old skool artists against other old skool artists to see who is the best ever...haha, no. There is no best. But these little 10"s have BIG tunes by BIG artists and as we have some absolute shockers lined up. This time in the orange corned is Dj Ham, aka Hamilton, and in the blue corner old skool master New Decade. Both bring their A game to these remixes of classic tracks…unmissable…