A Thief, A Terrorist, & A Lunatic - No Stopping EP (12")

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  • Artist: A Thief, A Terrorist, & A Lunatic
  • Title: No Stopping EP
  • Label: K Records (Knite Force)
  • Cat Number: K06
  • Genre: Jungle / Hardcore / Oldskool
  • Comments: 12"

    A Thief, A Terrorist, & A Lunatic. The No Stopping EP... Boomting!! K Records continues to serve up a variety of music that perhaps wont fit anywhere else in Kniteforces deep catalogue of labels. This time we hit the ground running with one of the darkest releases ever to come out of the KF studio. Luna-C flexed very different muscles in the studio for this release, and it was perhaps too different at the time of release...Initially released on its own sub label, and limited to 300 copies, this slice of early d’n’b / dark sounding jungle has gained more and more acclaim over the years and changes hands for serious money with collectors on Discogs due to its scarcity.