Vinyl Re-Selling Service.

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Don't have the time or patience to clean it and list it all on discogs? You had a couple of vinyl dealers offer you some money for the whole collection but it was a fraction of what you know its worth?


Well, you could let us sell it on your behalf. We will take your records, clean them, fix or replace all the broken sleeves and then list them on various online platforms and sell them. We endeavour to give you the highest return we possibly can. We already have a great customer base and some of them spend a lot of money with us because they trust us. Just look at our feedback on discogs.

We already have nine clients using this service and some of them are making a good monthly income from there old records that were stuck in the basement for the last 20 years!

Another thing we can do is give you back digital files of everything you sell. This is an optional extra and will of course incur a bigger commission for us as it can be quite time consuming. 

If you are interested and would like to know more, please email us here and be sure to leave your phone number and one of our friendly customer support team will call you back.

PLEASE NOTE. This service is only currently available in the UK