Syko & Mak - 1307 EP (2x12" Repress)

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  • Artist: Syko & Mak
  • Title: R1307 EP
  • Label: Blue Skin Badger
  • Cat Number: BSBR013
  • Genre: Oldskool / Hardcore / Jungle
  • Comments: (2x12")

    This double EP is a recognition of the Syko & Mak era and those who used to come to the shops just to hang out and listen to the latest white labels. It includes remasters of 3 of those original tracks from 1992 as well as 5 previously unreleased tracks from 95/96. The 3 original tracks on this EP spark some of those best memories. Including hearing Grooverider play the first test press of "Here & Now'' at the Fantazia Rave at Castle Donnington. Standing at the back and watching the 28,000 crowd lose their heads to our track was unforgettable ! Trading DATs with LTJ Bukem. He'd travel up to Hitchin on a Sunday just to share music, "Journey into the Nebulous" was the first track we gave him. The first play of "Rough & Dangerous"... A hazy memory of an Exodus rave in a wooded enclave somewhere near Luton. Unforgettable memories..