Billy “Daniel” Bunter & J.D.S - Let It Lift You EP (10")

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  • Artist: Billy “Daniel” Bunter & J.D.S
  • Title: Billy Bunter & J.D.S. Remix EP
  • Label: Just Another Label
  • Cat Number: KJAL10
  • Genre: Oldskool Hardcore
  • Comments: 10"

    Here we have the remastered repress of the absolute dance floor smasher and maybe one of Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunters biggest hits on Just Another Label, Let It Lift You / Music Is Moods. Let It Lift You was a track that got people off their seats and on the dance floor back in 1995 and still does today! It was one of those instant classics that just tore up events all over the country and still has ravers going mad today! Then there is the flip side that probably doesn’t get as much love as it should just because Let It Lift You was so big. Music Is Moods is another massive track that takes you back to 1995 when you hear it. The piano, vocal, beats all add up to an incredible song that has more than stood the test of time!