Arkyn / Forgeina / Juic-e - TufStuf Volume 2 (12")

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  • Artist: Arkyn / Forgeina / Juic-e
  • Title: TufStuf Volume 2
  • Label: TufStuf 
  • Cat Number: TUFSTUF002
  • Genre: Hardcore
  • Comments: 12"

    A brand new multi genre label. Releasing Jungle, Hardcore and Jungle Techno that pay's tribute to the orginal 90's vibe but presents it with a modern take. TufStuf focuses on the harder and faster side of rave, with rough layered breakbeats, deep sub bass, and emotive and catchy melodies.

    With already some very experienced, talented and create producers signed to the label there is many exciting things to come. The second EP focuses hard and heavy amen Jungle with deep soundscapes, melodic vibes and emotive vocals with plenty of heavy basslines as well. 

    EP comes with a 12 x 12 inch full colour double sided artwork insert.